Request: Please place Line settings on ONE page

This has come up quite a lot.

When people just grab a layer, sometimes they just take or modify what comes up instead of going to the Library. Consequently, sometimes you get unusual things already set under “Advanced”, and they get all tripped up. Most users don’t know the start/stop dwells for example and don’t know what to unset.

The Kerf in particular also seems to be a problem in that there’s no distinct GREEN marking making it more obvious that this unusual field is in use.

The division from “Common” to “Advanced” is odd- Perforation Mode and Tabs are Common, but literally no one here has ever even used Tabs. Perforation Mode is very similar to Dot Mode, but then Dot is listed as “Advanced”.

I know full well I should look at the Advanced tab, but I do sometimes forget this myself. I do see it as a not-uncommon problem other users are running into. It would be clearer if the Line settings came up as just one group on one page you can see at a glance, without having to explore the Advanced tab. As I say, the basis for division is kind of questionable anyhow.

You’re a solid contributor… I enjoy your work.

You’ve used the fider site to get your great suggestions into the hands of the Dev team before… haven’t you?

The other side of that is someone new will be overwhelmed with options and intimidated.

Maybe an option to make it all on a screen and/or use the current configuration… ?


I’ve used the “finder” site. I’m not clear why it’s been separated from the forum here, but I just can’t dig the site’s structure. Not many people monitor it and there’s not much community discussion about it, and the voting doesn’t seem representative. Seems like a couple of steps down.

Yeah I hear you. It can appear overwhelming, but the Advanced tab isn’t helping. Also if there’s a way I can have this hard-default?

That is, I’ve set a basic “100% power 50mm/s speed” and no features and did Make Default For All. But again, Makerspace. Different users at times made a new Default, and maybe only for one or two colors or maybe all. Can it be set to go back to a set of default Defaults when LB is rebooted?

You can have LightBurn return to defaults for every new file or at restart by enabling the “Load default layer settings on new or restart” flag in Settings.

Note that it used to be that you needed to explicitly set a Default in the cut layer. The initial default is not sufficient. I think Oz mentioned potentially changing this so that it took the initial default as Default but don’t know if that change made it in.

Oz monitors that site directly. It’s an information-rich in-box for LightBurn. Also, if it’s a no-go the ruling and rationale are shared fairly clearly and transparently.

It may limit discussion but it seems to lend structure to progress.

OK, the “Load default layer settings on new or restart”- what ARE the default layer settings?

That is, I can make a basic “100% power 50mm/sec no features” setting. If I click “Make Default”, it does that, if I click Make Default For All, it should make any new layer created have those settings. OK. But other uses can click on this and create new defaults.

I’m confused as to what this option is, because the defaults are already what is set as the default, and SOMETHING will come up as default after a reboot- I expect it would still be whatever “Make Default” last set it to. But then this switch has no purpose, so am I missing something?

You’re never really creating new layers. They’re already there and you’re referencing them. By default these retain whatever last setting was there. “Make default” saves a default state that can be referenced from Load defaults or from when a new document is created while having the “Load default layer settings on new or restart set”.

Yes. The setting doesn’t prevent this. But curious what maniac would be doing that on a shared workstation and for what purpose. But suppose it could happen by mistake as well.

That’s not the case. The settings persist by default. And the initial defaults are not the same as Defaults that you create.

That’s not how it works which is likely the disconnect.

Hmm, OK, that’s a lot more than I had to go on.

I’ve had it before where I was making dozens of test layers, and it was just painful to make one after another. So I was trying to do “Make Default For All” so the new layers would come up without having to manually retype the settings.

I wouldn’t blame users for not getting what “Make Default” or “Make Default For All” means, I couldn’t figure it out for sure either.

There were aspects if it that I did not understand and are somewhat counterintuitive. For example, The Load Defaults at restart setting doesn’t seem to take effect unless an explicit Default has been created. That one threw me for a loop.

The best thing users can do is click “reset to default” when working with a new layer, or use a material library setting. If those aren’t an option, choose some reasonable default setting of your own, click “Make default for all” and set it to load the defaults on new project, and that will prevent the “persistence” issue of previous settings.

Very few users even notice the “make default” buttons, so it’s possible but unlikely that someone will alter those on you.

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