Reset All Button in Adjust Image Screen

Can anyone explain what the “Reset All” button on the following screen does? I ask this because I click it and nothing happens…

When I press the Reset All button the sliders all return to the position they were before I started adjusting them. I assume this is how it is meant to work.
Don’t know why this wouldn’t be working for you.

No idea, after playing around for a while through a few different files I got the button to work but it’s not as I expect.

I get either of the following happening.

A. The button does nothing
B. The button seems to “go back” but not default…

Maybe it’s a bug in the software…?

Def looks like a bug on my end, here’s how it working. Had enough time to play with this.

Adjust image
change gamma from 1.000 to .950
Hit reset all, its working, gamma goes back to 1.000
Click ok on adjust image
Adjust image again, click reset, nothing happens
change gama to .900, click reset it will go to .950

To me it appears the reset all button is really just a back button that only remembers your last setting before clicking okay…

Seems to me how the button works is that it resets any settings back to how they were when you opened the tool, so basically the start of each session.

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