Reset del software (Software reset)

Buonasera, ho notato che i numeri colorati di sotto conservano le ultime impostazioni usate; se voglio azzerarle tutte per non avere questi suggerimenti, c’è un sistema per poterlo fare. Grazie in anticipo

Good evening, I noticed that the colored numbers below keep the last used settings; if I want to reset them all in order not to have these suggestions, there is a way to do it. Thanks in advance

Enable “Load default layer settings on new or restart” in Settings.

You may also need to go to each layer setting and set a Default for this to work as expected.

E’ già settato così, ma i colori continuano a conservare le impostazioni precedenti anche uscendo e rientrando

It is already set like this, but the colors continue to retain their previous settings even when exiting and re-entering

You likely missed the second part of my post.

You need to set a Default for each layer that you want to be reset.

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