Resetting itself every time I turn it on

I have a new laser and me being me tried to change a few issues and have completely messed it up. Now every time I turn the machine on it resets and bashes itself again the side

Please help

They all show ‘resetting’ on power up - that’s the power up message, and the machine is trying to home itself, by seeking the homing sensors. The problem could be that they aren’t wired properly, or the configuration is sending the machine to the wrong corner. Is the machine homing toward the corner with the homing switches / sensors?

I am having this same problem too. When I turn the machine on, it says resetting, but it goes to y=0 and starts heading super slow to the left. When it reaches almost the middle (where x should be about 300), it stops, then heads to a random location. When I try to move the head, the x axis all messed up. I end up manually pulling the head to x=0…But the bigger problem is that my x=0 is now on the right side of the machine. My y axis is normal, so I don’t know what I did…We did a reset of the machine because we are having problems cutting suddenly and thought that might help…It just messed everything up…Anyone have a picture of the correct settings in Lightburn for the “machine settings” so I can set everything correctly? Basically this makes everything cut in reverse…


In Device Settings, the Origin block you have to select the right corner.
For my machine it is left back so like on the picture here.

For anyone reading this, a “Factory Reset” of a Ruida controller (or most other DSPs) is a reset of all settings to the factory that made the controller, not the factory that made the laser it ended up in.

This might help - it’s setting up a Ruida from scratch, which you’re effectively doing now:

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