Resetting lightburn to original "Rotary" settings

I have a neje 3 max v2, I bought a rotary chuck. Their directions were screwy, and my install has the thing working, but it’s all out of whack. I want to attempt to reinstall it. Is there a way I can reset the Rotary setting to their original values before I try this? Without re-installing

I just used my chuck rotary for the first time recently. I do not think there are “default” Lightburn settings for it. I found using the chuck meant setting only one thing - mm per rotation. When this is correct, the Test button will rotate the chuck exactly 1 revolution, then reverse back to the start position.

My final setting (xTool RA2 Pro) was 162mm, which appears to be the circumference of the chuck.

From there, I adjusted the size of the work to fit inside the desired engraving area. All those other boxes in the Rotary Setup window were not changed (it took me a while to realize this). I was doing shot glasses with Expo dry erase marker, but had to switch to white acrylic because shot and bottle glass is apparently harder…

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Here is some guidance on how to calculate the rotary settings for any device: Rotary roller - Diode Laser Wiki

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