Resetting Lightburn

How do I reset Lightburn to it’s original state on a mac? The only thing I can find is how to do it on a windows computer. I want to reset the color tabs back to what they were.

You may be able to use “Reset to Default” in the cut settings to get back to a base setting.

If you want this to happen for all layers at every new file, you can enable “Load default layer settings on new or restart” in Edit->Settings->File Settings.

This used to only work if a Default was once ever set. I believe there was possibility of getting this to default to original base settings but don’t know if that was ever implemented.

If that doesn’t work, I’m not aware of any way of easily resetting all layers to base properties. You may be able to create a new device and that might give you a new set of layer settings but not certain. If that doesn’t work you could delete your prefs.ini file and that will for sure get you back to base. In that case you will need to recreate your device. You may want to export your device first if you have a lot of customizations there.

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