Resetting password questions

Hope all are well, my question is concerning removing two laptops from my list of those connected to the license, one the USB bus is not working and the other the screen just exploded, I just got a replacement but unfortunately I forgot my password, and not sure if I should reset or something else, to get LightBurn up and running on the new laptop, please advise…

LightBurn provides users access to their License Portal (Upper right hand corner of the forum page. Click on the words License Portal here for instructions on how it works. You can remove the dead machines there as well as see your License key. Barring that, you can also e-mail and they can assist you with removing the dead machines as well.

Where did you buy LightBurn? You should have received an email with your order details, including the license key. I looked into our systems using the information I see here, to no avail. You may need to reach back to your laser supplier to get this information delivered again.

Once you have the name, email, or the key, please send an email to, include your key, and ask to have it associated to your desired email address moving forward. This will help make it easier for you to self-manage your key and seat allocations. :slight_smile:

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