Resize dxf files

How do I resize dxf files so they will fit my laser engraver?
I have some files that are 780.00 inches wide & 516.00 inches high.



It sounds like you imported a metric DXF file, and you are set to inches. If you already have them imported into Lightburn, and my assumption is correct, and the size looks like below

With the lock closed, Click in the Width box, and add /25.4 ( front slash followed by 25.4 ) after the 780.0000 and then hit enter

Thank you Ralph…however the size is still too large, plus before I cut the building out (farm building for HO scale train layout) my alarm goes off and tells me the image is still too big.

I am a total newbie to this, so I hope I explained it correctly.
I was hoping there was a program like “Paint” where i could just resize the dxf file.


You can resize the file in Lightburn. If you have the lock closed, select all, and either key in the size you want it to be in either the width or height box, or select all and enter a percentage that you want to scale the file.


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Thanks again for your help Ralph…the file I got must be corrupt because that did not work. I tried it on other files, and it did work…so I need to contact the person I bought the file from…

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