Resize slots dont get it to work

Hi, someone who can help me , I have downloaded a dutch windmill , which I want to enlarge 4 times that work , but if I want to change the resize slots to 6 mm , I can’t do that from any sides , get every time , shapes are not closed, hope someone can help , am from belgian limburg
Windmill E0018097 file cdr and dxf free vector download for laser cut.dxf (3.7 MB)

When are you getting this? Can you include a screenshot?

The file is quite large so there’s a lot to look at. I took a look at one specific shape and noticed a number of issues:

If you zoom into the highlighted area I’ve tried to take a look at what’s going on with one of the slots and notice an number of issues:

  1. There should only be 4 nodes defining a rectangle but there are 7 here when pulled apart
  2. The line segment at the bottom is a curve, not a line, so likely won’t work with slot resizing

I didn’t look at any other portion of the design but I assume there are similar issues all throughout. This will need to be cleaned up considerably for there to be any chance of this being able to resize slots using the tool in LightBurn. This likely won’t even burn correctly as you’ll get the laser going over the same part multiple times.

ok thx for the reply
best regards
Patrick from Belgium

thx for it
but doesn’t work
best regards

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