Resize slots, problem in corner

Am i missing something, or can’t LB recognize the corners i have marked with a red circle?
I’m going from 3 mm to 2 mm material.
Made these in boxes py.

If LB can’t recognize the corners, what is the way to go to manually adjust from 3 to 2 mm?

Running LB 1.3.01

Thanks in advance

I suspect what’s happening is that will by default put small loops into the inside corner. Disable that when you create the box and slot resize should work. At that point you could have handle the change in material thickness though.

If for some reason it’s difficult to recreate the boxes this then you could try node editing and removing the loops.

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When I zoom in the corner i did not see any loops.
I’m just starting to learn this tool, that’s why i use a simple box like this.

If i want a new one, i will generate it boxes with the right thickness

Just to be sure, you don’t see anything that looks like this?

Looking at this again it looks like outer corners are rounded, at least in the “Simple Box”. That could also be contributing.

No loop or rounded corners.

Apologies, I realized I was interpreting your initial screenshots incorrectly.

I’ve seen the same results as this. I think LightBurn simply doesn’t identify the corners as eligible portions of the slot. I think a good candidate for a feature enhancement.

Then we see on the next update :slight_smile:

Came across something else when using/learning this tool.
Using the Resize slots on some squares, must have 2 mm.
When i press the square it will adjust the wrong way for me, picture 1.
Use the Shift , to rotate it.
Then use the tool again, and now it will adjust the way i want, picture 3.
What is causing this?

Thanks in advance

I think that may just be the detection of the slot in terms of depth or width. Have you tried selecting slot depth or tab height instead?

Yes I tried depth or tab heighten, nothing happened.
It’s this file if you want to test it.

Not certain but I think what’s happening is that the resize features depends on the way LightBurn determines orientation of the shape based on node order.

Check out this example. Note that the slots are resizing in different direction:

And then with “Start Point Editor” showing. Note the location and direction of the arrow:

I believe that LightBurn draws rectangles normally in clockwise direction with starting node at top-left. So if the start node is in upper right or lower left I assume the resize will work along the other dimension.

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Ok, now I learned something new, thank you.

When the “Resize slots” tool cant do the job I edit nodes.
This works fine when the line is in a 90 angle. But when it is out of angle, it does not turn out right.
Then i have to turn the piece so it is 90 degree and then the node editing woks perfect.
Is there another way to do it, or is this the way?
Hope you understand what i mean.
When i edit this i use CTRL and arrow to cut 1 mm. Is there a place where it is possible to set the length between 2 nodes?

I can think of a few other ways to do this but I don’t think any easier than this. I think your way is quite clever.

As far as I’m aware there’s no direct way to do this.

Instead of trying to do this by directly modifying nodes, I’d consider doing something like this:

  1. create a set of new standalone tab shapes sized to the final expected dimensions of the tab
  2. place one of the new tab shape where expected for the final position on the primary shape, overlapping your current tab.
  3. Draw a temporary shape around the portion of the tab you want to discard
  4. Use Boolean difference to remove the discard portion
  5. Repeat for other tabs

I’d prefer to use snapping tools and geometries rather than messing with numbers and calculations even if that means more steps.

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