Resizing after text-to-path

I’ve made the design I want and I used text to path. Once I try resizing the piece the font does not scale properly. I believe it has something to do with text to path lines that I turned the output off.

Can I delete the lines that I used for text to path with the font going back to straight? I can’t delete them for some reason.

Will that allow better scaling?

Picture shows piece at the original size and then what happens when I try to shrink it.

You can convert the text to paths which will then allow you to delete the original path used to curve your text. The text will no longer be editable as text, but you will be able to resize the artwork as you are wanting.

The 0.9.09 version of LightBurn addresses this somewhat - the double-move will no longer happen, but only the path will scale - the text will need to be either height adjusted, or converted to a path as Rick suggests.

Great that worked. Thanks so much!

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I have found that if the text and the guide line are grouped similar things happen like the text coming off the line or distorting,even being left behind when the whole thing was moved. if they are not grouped and you pull just the guide line to scale or move, then the text behaves perfectly.The temptation is always to group the combo, but it seems with text on a curve it is better not to.



The grouping issue was fixed with the 0.9.08 / 0.9.09 releases. It happens for complicated math reasons, but I figured out how to make it behave itself. :slight_smile:

Deeper explanation:

  • The group has an offset when you move it, and that offset is applied to its children.
  • If the path and the text are both children of the same group, they both get the offset of the group
  • Text attached to a path has to be placed where the path is, so it gets the offset of the path
  • If the path is offset by the group, AND the text is offset by both the path AND the group, the text gets the group offset twice
  • It’s actually worse, because the group can be scaled or rotated too, and both of these are also double-applied
  • Now, if text is attached to a path, I make it ignore the group transform, and just pay attention to the path

Hi OZ, this is the sort of thing I am referring to:
The text around the outside is text on the circle, the phone number is another object.
In this pic the two objects (text and circle, and the phone number are not a group. I can box select and move, with no problem.

In this picture, I have grouped the whole (text and line, AND phone number, then clicked to select and drag move. You can see the effect. New download of 9.09.

lbn file if you need it:
Logo only.lbrn (3.9 KB)

Any thoughts?



I’ll have a look at the file - this is the exact thing that’s supposed to be fixed.

Thanks Oz, much appreciated.

I think I have this sorted, but I want to test it a bunch to make sure there are no strange side effects elsewhere.

Knew we could rely on you Oz:smiley:

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