Resizing slots on curved pieces

I found a box design I wanted to build then decided to increase the size by 150%. I’m using 3mm material and as you can see when I used the resize tool to go from 4.5mm back to 3mm, only the slots in the center corrected.

Is what I’m trying to do possible?



Did you forget to attach a screenshot and/or LB file?

I am so sorry! Attached is the screen shot of the piece increased 150%. I need to adjust these slots for 3mm.



No problem, no need to apologise. Are you able to attach your LightBurn file to have a look at?

Attached files are 100% and 150%
Keepsake Box 1.0.lbrn2 (128.3 KB)
Keepsake Box X 1.5.lbrn2 (231.4 KB)

Can I just clarify that it is the height of these tabs that you want to change? They are currently 3mm, what do you want to change them to?

EDIT: Sorry, just re-read your original post! I’ll give an updated reply in a minute or two.

EDIT #02 Ok, I thought that maybe if I replaced the multiple lines between each tab it might allow me to adjust the depth of the slots - but no, that didn’t work. I then replaced the now single line with two lines which are at right-angles to the tabs but this didn’t work either :frowning:

What does work on your original is rather than adjusting the slot depth you can adjust the tab height:

Would this work for you?

Outstanding! Thank you so much!