[resolved] Jump in the cuts

I recreated a logo with the preparation of a cut in a self-adhesive vinyl plastic. The drawing is redone with InkScape in SVG and the text is done with LightBurn. (At the beginning, my text was also done on Inkscape, but in the end the text on LightBurn did not correct anything!)

Here is the result, at the level of each character, each closed form has a segment (straight or curved) missing !! Anyone have a solution?

Hej Julien,

All the marks on the two circles, are they there on purpose and part of your design? That with the text looks strange, if you upload the .lbrn file here I would like to look at it.

Yes, all of these brands are completely normal. The initial drawing is made with an effect as if it had been painted with a brush, with burrs … I also deleted several “spots” too small to be cut in the vinyl which will then be stuck on tanks motorcycle. This is why I specify well at the level of the text.

Here is the original image of the company

The request was to leave the company name instead of the website, and at the bottom put “Team”

Well i was given the solution that a facebook group

Hi Julien,
Here is my attempt, unfortunately I couldn’t find a more suitable font. What font did you use?

The police is “Stencil”.
The solution has already been given to me!
Do not switch to engraving mode, I want to bypass my shapes … It’s a problem with paper, you have to add a delay to the resumption of cutting (see my previous screenshot)

…good to hear

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