Restoring Spindle?

My Ortur LM2 Is giving me messages [restoring spindle] and the project stops for a while then continues. Does this mean that I have a motor going bad?

Spindle? That’s really interesting.

The GRBL controlled laser engravers are an outgrowth from CNC engravers that use a spindle motor instead of a laser for engraving. The laser engraver controllers often use the PWM spindle control to manage the laser (except for a few earlier versions that were on/off)

I’ve never seen this message.

Please capture the start up message from your engraver. You’ll find it in the Console window in LightBurn when it connects. That will provide us with the Firmware version and the precise model name. Feel free to copy and paste the text into a reply here or screen cap the Console window to share it.

Can you check the value of $32 in Machine Settings?

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