Resuming project after a water error

So my daughter accidentally shut power off to my chiller for my CO2 and the project wasn’t complete. I get the following message in the pic below. I don’t want to lose this project. I feel like Enter might be the correct thing to push on the controller. In speaking with Omtech they advise to hit resume or continue in Lightburn not on the controller. I don’t see either of these in Lightburn. ANyone know how to resume after the water error comes up?


Forget it, I took a chance, all I had to do was hit enter on the controller.

For all the rest of us out here in laser land (ok, maybe just me), thank you for taking that leap of faith.

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Every error that’s come up on the Ruida screen give you those options…

Enter will ignore this message and continue… Escape will abort the whole job.


Well thank God I know how to interpret Engrish then!

Well you had a 50/50 chance :crazy_face:


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