Return to job origin RDC6442S

Hi. I am having a problem with my laser not returning to the job origin after cutting. It stays where the cut finishes. Using the Ruida RDC6442S controller. It will go to the correct position if i hit the Go to Origin button in Lightburn

How are the origins set up in the controller?

This may be worth review:

Hi John. I am not using multiple origins. When i set the controller to origin it does not return to the start of job origin. When i set it to absolute origin it returns to the start of job origin, but when i hit reset to send it back to home origin it goes back to home and then immediately returns to the start of job origin. Home is to the right rear, and jobs start from front right

I believe the Finish Position is also set in the Ruida (DSP) controller.
Have a look at the section on Finish Position here:

Unfortunately that won’t work for me as every job has a different origin

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