Return to origin question

I used lightburn first time over the weekend. Not first time on laser or using laser. I have been using RDWorks for a few years.

Everything worked as it should but at the end of the laser cutting — when using RDWorks, the laser head would simply go back to origin. — ON lightburn the head moved to "some position 4-6 inches to left front then went to right back origin. WHY. Do I need to set a setting somewhere?

Sorry but not following from the information provided. Please post a full screen capture, showing the entire workspace with everything selected (Ctrl + A" (or Command + A on Mac), with the 'Cut’s and ‘Laser’ windows showing as well.

I want to check the ‘Job Origin’ and you may also have a very small, difficult to see object in that lower left location.

I will try to get a small video this weekend

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