Returning to origin problem

I know this has been asked 1000 times, i read all of them pretty much. But when using my rotary or without i cannot get the laser to return to any origin after a job. I have tried setting my origin for user origin mode and tried just using absolute coords. I have also deleted the perfs folder. i mainly need it for my rotary so the head moves out of the way and i can take the cups out easier. Ruida firmware RDLC-V8.00.58. Chinese blue and white 50w. I also poked around in the controller settings and cant find anything about returning to home.

This isn’t possible with a Ruida, because you’ve unplugged the Y axis motor and connected the rotary instead.

I just mean the x axis moving to the left past the cup, not the y axis moving. But even without rotary it won’t return to any position after cut. Even when I press esc after a job it won’t move

Does it return to origin properly when you aren’t in rotary mode? There’s a setting for where to return to in Edit > Machine Settings, called “Return Position” - check that yours isn’t set to “no return”.

I’m fairly confident it doesn’t, but I’ll double check tonight when I get home

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