Reverse Z-Axis option is missing

Hello guys!

i have Co2 laser 130w 1390,
my z-axis works in reverse(the table goes down)

i have seen that there is an option to revers that but on my lightburn it’s missing

any idea what to do to fix that?

Thanks in advance

On a Ruida controller, 0 is at the top of travel, and positive numbers move the bed down, away from the laser head. Is this what yours is doing? If so, this is correct behavior.

thats weird,my machine has 3000 on z and goes to zero when it reaches the floor of the machine

That is when you do not have a limit switch on top

i have 2 limits one pen for autobed leveling and one down at zero,when i press auto level it goes up as it should be,am confused with this set up xD

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