Revisit old topic - laser will not shut off for moves or at end of job

I have a Ortur LM2 and using GRBL. Have set $32=1 in the console. What else can I try?

Did you setup your device as GRBL-M3? Check by clicking the Device button in Laser window. If so, change the device type to GRBL. Keep $32=1 as-is.

I letting the software find it, it’s showing just as GRBL

Can you run these commands in Console and return here:


Please attach a photo of a sample of what you’re seeing.

Can you also post the file that you’re using to test the laser?

$I -
[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2]
[OLF: 140]
[DATE:17:23:54 - Jan 4 2021]
Target buffer size found

TEST File.lbrn2 (11.1 KB)

I don’t see any issue with your settings or the file.

Can you push Save Gcode in the Laser window and upload the file here? You may need to have .txt as the extension to post here.

I suspect this will be fine. If so, that only leaves a hardware fault. Can you check the connectors for the cable connecting the controller to the laser module? Do you see any discoloration or burning on the ends?

Do you have a meter that you could use to test voltages? You could check to see if you’re getting proper PWM out of the controller.

One other thing you could potentially try is to update the firmware. It’s possible your firmware has gotten corrupted.

Laser GCode.txt (3.8 KB)
I don’t have a meter.
cables all look good
I will try the firmward

fast fingers…firmware

The g-code looks fine as far as I can see. Most likely something on the hardware side. Would be good if you could determine if it was on the controller or the laser module.

One sanity check you might want to try is to run a test in LaserGRBL and see if you get the same behavior.

Let’s see if @OrturTech can provide some additional insight on this one.

it’s actually a new motherboard. I’ve opened a ticket with them

This looks like an issue at PWM hardware level
i sugest opening a ticket at Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System

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