Revisiting Parametric Dimensioning originally by KarlDunkerley

I purchased and have used Lightburn for over a year now, first on a starter diode laser and now on a highly modified K40. I’d like to revisit @KarlDunkerley wonderful suggestion to at least get PD put on some sort of list for additions to LB. I understand that it would probably be a fairly low list item but I also see the great benefit of having this in the program, regardless of whether there are other programs that also do it. I really feel he is correct that this would add significant value even though it would require work from the ground up. Suggestions for continuing to use multiple software and import and export files, when additions could be made to LB are, imho, not valid just because another software already does this feature. I would whole heartedly be willing to pay an extra amount for the added benefit of using PD in LB.

Can we please revisit this in a constructive way and find a path forward?

So far loving the forum, first post, hoping for LB success!

Roger that! This still doesn’t even come close to the functionality of the original post question; parametric dimensioning. I’m not so interested in the creation process but rather iteration or upscale/down scale of an item in direct response to another. In my eyes its almost the same thing as a diagonal scale with only certain items highlighted but with a number for reference instead of a mouse movement.