Rewnewal of lightburn software

trying to renew ?? where and how ? Can log into forum but when I try to renew site cant recognize my email? had since 2019??

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Looking now…

You used the same email address for the Forum as you did for your last renewal.
This same email is in the system and tied to your license key.

Here’s the link:

Your key will be in the email we sent in February 2021. :slight_smile:

If your key has been misplaced, you should be able to reach it through the License Portal. (in blue here)

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Thank you very much for your help. I have the key code and the update in my cart but the site says it does not recognize my email and will not allow me to proceed. Side note : my computers hard drive died, would that be affecting anything? using laptop to renew

Sorry, just got this… Testing…
My Browser is offering to use my forum password to log in and complete the transaction. That may be the issue.

The commerce storefront isn’t connected to the forum. You’re welcome to try the password you might have used for your purchase a year or two ago.

If you can’t remember the old password, double-check to make sure your email address is spelled correctly in the form then click the ‘Forgot_your_password’ link just below the password entry box. You should get an email that will let you reset this.

Your new computer wouldn’t have access to the password that was in your other computer.

Hope this gets you going again!

Another quick question If my license expires will that affect renewal or will I have to purchase program over again?

I don’t believe so, but there is a standing policy offering 2 months free for folks that renew before expiry. :slight_smile:

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