RightClick Smoothie Device and/or $H should be followed by M107

Aborted job keeps the Air Assist (M106) ON.
Please add M107 to Smoothie device reset and/or $H/G28.2/HOME as well.

Abort is intended as an emergency stop. Adding $H or G28.2 after you hit stop in an emergency would be a very bad idea. :slight_smile: The air assist off I can probably do.

Thanks, I trust you to solve this the right way. Today a job stopped due to, i think, communication errors so i right clicked on device to reset the communication - this always works and then i can restart the job. this is when i noticed my AirAssist still running regardless. For now I have added two macros - M106 & M107.

Come to think about it, what’s the baud rate smoothie communicate with Lightburn?
I guess it’s selected automatically based on quality of line, but can i force it to the next slower speed ? I might gain reliability over speed, that is until i find a better communication medium.

There is no baud rate, believe it or not, at least not in the traditional sense. Smoothiware presents as a USB serial terminal, but packets are delivered over USB to the device as actual USB packets, at USB 2.0 data rates. Retries are built in to the USB protocol, so it should be robust, but that doesn’t help if the issue is power fluctuations that cause the connection to drop, or if the computer puts the USB port to sleep.


I was using these with a 15m CAT6 cable but had nothing but troubles, pure rubbish.

Replaced those with a 10m native USB2.0 “active” extender cable which actually works great.

So far so good and i also get a perfect 720p/0.9MP HD visual feed from a webcam on this same line. time will tell but so far things looks much better.

I am still missing a way to monitor the quality of my gcode stream. i wish for LB’s next release to include a way to filter (in debug mode) error messages and print those to the console or to a small simple UI indicator specifically for line quality. this is important for fine tuning speeds and such.