Riuda X and Y issue

Hello, I have switched my pi radial machine back to flat many times without any issues by uploading the machine settings file and “writing” it… but this time my X axis is not working properly.
If I draw a circle or square at 2 inches it will vector cut an oval or make a rectangle.

I wonder if there is a reset button for my X and Y somewhere? I have the FI-1390.

I tried this to fix it in this link but it got worse on both X and the Y. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BtyMj3hlMo

Not sure how to post the pre recorded video of my laser head moving over to the circle to cut but as it goes to the start location it doesn’t go directly there in a straight line, it has a little bit of a glitch or a curve for about an inch and then straightens out again as it jogs over.

Any pointers would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

We’re not hosting videos here. Videos will ‘inline post’, so you can use a Shared Google Drive link or a public youtube link, and post the link here. Your video will look like it’s posted here.

Please avoid the factory reset for the Ruida controller. If you do apply the Factory Reset, the controller may end up with NO settings at all.

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