Roller Rotary Issue

Hi Everyone! Newish user and first post here! Thanks for having me! I need some help. I have a Bosslaser 16 30 machine using Lightburn. on a Mac When I turn the machine off, plug the rotary into the Y axis and enable the roller in Lightburn the roller will only rotate about half an inch. When I frame the file it does the same thing. At a loss right now. Worked fine last time I used it. Any ideas?

Update: So the rotary will spin the full 400 mm (wheels rotating multiple times showing the travel) when the rotary is NOT enabled in Lightburn. As soon as I enable the rotary in Lightburn the machine shows it instantly travels 400mm but the wheels only turn half an inch. I rebooted the laser and Lightburn but no luck.

Have you put the settings BossLaser suggests and clicked enable rotary under "Tools> rotary setup?

Thanks for the response! I did the setup recommended. It looks like I have to enable the rotary after I move the Y axis to 200mm. It then let’s me roll the full 200 each way on a 400mm axis. Thanks!

I am having the same issue but I cannot get it to rotate correctly at all. Its a boss LS-2440. Just that half inch. All settings under rotary setup are correct.

It might depend on the size of the item you have on the rotary, and the size of your machine workspace. The Y axis has a travel limit in the configuration, but if the circumference of a rotary job is larger than that, the hardware doesn’t seem to understand that it doesn’t matter when it’s in rotary mode, and will still enforce that limit.

Running the job in “Current Position” mode instead of “User Origin” or “Absolute Coords” modes seems to behave better if I remember right. You can also jog the Y axis back to zero once the rotary is active (or hit ‘Esc’ on the panel to have the controller do that for you). Do this without your item on the rotary, as the ‘go to zero’ can be fast, and might throw the item.

So after a bunch of checking and testing and cussing I realized that when I updated lightburn it reset my rotary numbers and they did not match what they used to. Stupid me! It is running great now!

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