Roller rotary settings change

A few weeks ago I got my cheap roller attachment for my 80 Chinese Laser (ruida controller). This one, if that matters (

While reading the online documentation, it says this:
"If you are using a DSP controller (Ruida, etc), when you change the rotary setting you need to power-cycle the controller, as some of the internal logic isn’t adjusted for the rotary setting unless you do this. "

My two questions:

  • Power cycle the controller: is this achieved by turning off/on the laser machine, or is there any other way to proceed?

  • Do I have to do this when I change the object diameter, or just when going from flat to rotary engraving?

And this last question is not software related, but perhaps some one can help me.
I need to engrave some wine glasses with a really wide “waist”. This waist where the roller will be contacting the glass, is 120mm in diameter. However, I will be engraving near the top of the glass, where the diameter is 92mm.
Which value should I type in the object diameter window?

Thanks in advance.

I’ll take this one.

You want to use the diameter of the glass where it contacts the rollers as that’s the diameter that determines the drive ratio between the 2 items.

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