Rollers stop turning on rotary


I am still having an issue where my rotary will randomly skew the logo, shrink the logo at either the front part or last part. I finally observed it when it is doing this mistake and took a video of it. The rotary wheels just stop turning. Why would this happen and how do I fix it?


Link to video here:

access denied to video

i’ve seen the video but is not so easy to tell why… i can’t see if when wheels stops also the motor stop, if motor is still running maybe you have some debris on pulley, try to clean them.

Please provide public access.

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Just changed it. Sorry about that.

I don’t think that the motor is stopping… the reason I say that is because there is a little bit of travel over the last few letters. it does not just stop after one specific letter. When it abruptly “slows” the remaining letters are smooshed together almost on top of each other. This has also happened at the beginning of the logo, it has smooshed the first letter, then continued engraving the logo perfectly, and then smooshed the last letter or so.

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