Rookie needs assistance

Can someone please help me. I am trying to cut this out as solid words but it keeps making it like a stencil. The letters are weld and converted to path. What setting am I missing.

Can you upload your Lightburn file? It looks like you might have some duplicates. I mimicked what you did with the same font, and was able to get it to look right.

Here it is and thank you!
SNICK12.lbrn (264.7 KB)

You have gaps between some of the letters.

If you want solid words, you have to either push the letters together so they slightly overlap each other, or edit the nodes to overlap.

Then select the 2 entities you want to be solid, and “Weld”

Repeat the process until the words you want are solid.

LightBurn provides auto-weld for our native text objects, so you can do this a bit easier using this method.

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