Rotary alignment

I have setup my rotary and trying to get it properly configured. I got the steps per rotation good by testing with a rectangle the length of the circumference. When it engraves that, the end lines match up on the ends, but the lines are crooked. I can’t figure out where the problem might be. I tried to square the rotary in the device with the head but it didn’t seem to help.

Any advice to get it lined up?


It’s possible the wheels of the rotary itself are not straight, or if it’s a chuck, that the item is not centered properly. What kind of rotary is it?

It is a rotary with wheels. 41OjqeEOU5L.AC_SX466

Check to make sure that the item isn’t “walking” on the rotary, that the wheels (and the rubber o-rings) are straight and not wobbling or misshapen.

It doesn’t appear to be walking on it. I am wondering if there is something else going on. I tried another one last night and the engraving looks good, but it did the fill first and then went back and did some lines. When it did that, everything was misaligned. I have my Line Shift Speed at 20mm/s and Idle Speed at 20mm/s. I did this at speed of 50mm/s and power 12%. I want to go higher speed but worried about this. Could they be related or any advice?

Rotaries (particularly wheel rotaries) aren’t really meant to do mixed work like that. It’s really easy for items to slip on the wheels, especially if your rapid speed or accelerations are still configured for normal flat work. When the rotary spins to reposition, the item or wheels will slip unless they’re weighted or pressed against the wheels somehow. That would be why the misalignment is around the cup, but not vertical.

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