Rotary and swapping out drivers?

OK my hand built laser is using the leadshine Servo system. I have just purchased a rotary device, and had to buy a stepper driver :roll_eyes:. Am I correct in thinking that I can only connect the rotary on y axis, which will mean I will have to unplug the y Servo drive from the controller and the connect the new driver and rotary?or use a switch… I see on the settings, on rotary I can pck U and Z, is this an option if I wire to one of those ports instead? I don’t use z or U I have a fixed height bed.

I’m using the latest Ruida controller 6445G
I welcome any help.


Ruida only allows the use of the Y axis for rotary - the U axis is for a feeder, and the only options available for me to make it move are to specify a feed distance and repeat count for the job - I don’t have the ability to send arbitrary move commands for U. Even the Z is highly restricted, and must be moved outside of standard cutting moves.

There is apparently a special firmware version you can get for the 6445G that will use the U axis when rotary mode is enabled, but I’ve only heard that 2nd hand. You would still not be able to use both Y and U in the same job - it would be switched by the firmware when the rotary was enabled. Newer Thunder Laser machines use a custom firmware version that does this, so it seems likely that it’s true.

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