Rotary attachment

(Jamie) #1

Hi all borrowed a rotary attachment of a friend of mine but it comes with a 4 wire plug. I’m not sure I can use this as my stepper on machine is 3. Trying to read up and understand how to get round this so any info would be smashing . Thanks.

(Joseph Midjette Sr) #2

If your machine motors are 3 wire then they are a different phase motor than the rotary motor. You need to get a rotary with the correct motor or possibly you can get a separate driver for the rotary of which you will have to devise a plug from your current driver connection.

Hope this helps

(Jamie) #3

Thanks for replying. Ill have to look online then for another rotary . Any recommendations on buying? Thanks Jamie

(Eddie R Sinclair) #4

Could it be a servo vs a stepper? I have never seen a 3 wire stepper. Not saying they don’t exist, I have never heard of one though.

(Hank Morgan) #5

I wondered also if it might be a servo, but the bottom photo says it’s a stepper.

(Eddie R Sinclair) #6

I see that. Hmm. Learn something new every day.

(Jamie) #7

Not to sure what to do. Don’t want to waste money and buy a rotary that won’t fit lol. Ill have to do further research :slight_smile: