Rotary Axis choice. Y, Z, or A

I am using a Chuck rotary device for my 4th axis. My preference would be to connect the device to my X axis on my CNC machine but the choices are Y, Z or A when I go to the rotary setup tab. Would I be correct in assuming the choice of A would equate to X when plugged into my X axis?

You’ll have to wait for someone that knows these better, but I think most people use the A axes, duplicating the Y axes…

I and many other want the axes of the mug to be parallel to the X axes, meaning the mug is going to rotate like the Y axes moves…

Maybe @berainlb can shed some light on this…


If you issue A-axis g-code commands does your X-axis move? If not then no, this won’t work out of the box.

Can you explain what exactly you’re trying to do? Perhaps there are alternative approaches.

as far as I understand it so far
Y and Z are used when one of the axes is replaced (plugged).
The A is used when an additional connection is used (X,Y,Z and A)
But I could be just as wrong

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