Rotary beginner

Hello I am wanting to start using my rotary engraver. I can’t seem to find helpful information to get started. Is there a video that I can watch or a write up talking of the setup procedures that would be good for a beginner to view.

  1. Setting up the steps for the rotary
  2. There seems to be problems with homing do you press escape or let it try to home?
  3. Problems when finished with the rotary to get the machine back homing as normal?
  4. How to get the art work situated so that its orientated properly and correct size.

Thanks In Advance

I can address only number three, and perhaps not that, depending on your real question.

If the “problem with homing” is that it appears to never complete, or takes an excessive amount of time, consider that you can short-cut it by bringing a piece of metal near the top of the inductive sensor that serves as the limit switch for the y-carriage. It takes two “taps” or intrusions to register the home position.

Doing so will stop the rotary at an arbitrary location. Unless you rig a limit switch on the rotary and swap another set of wires for rotary work, you’ll not have a precise home location.

If you perform this action without the work in the rotary, you can then expect that the top of the work, once placed is home. (sort of an answer to number four) Your placement of the rotary will depend on your non-rotary home position.

Thanks I can short the switch out thats no problem. I hear that some push esc button or short the switch. I just though maybe someone put all the information together in one easy to find location. I have not used my rotary with very much success yet.

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