Rotary Capability

I have been using Lightburn for a little while now and have not had a need up till now for the use of my roller style rotary with Lightburn. I can’t seem to find the button for it in the software (newest update). Deos the software support it anymore and if so, were might it be located? BTW, thank you Oz for all you have done and continue to do!! You are amazing!!

The reason you can’t find the button for it is that you’re using a Trocen controller. The only way to configure the rotary settings on them is through the panel on the controller itself. It’s something I’ve leaned heavily on Trocen to change.

On the controller itself, press the Menu button, then choose Common Parameters Settings, then Rotate Engraving. Set the options there. Make sure to turn off rotary mode when you’re done.

Thank you Oz! You are the best!!

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