Rotary engraving with 2+ layers not working correctly

I have a design with text and a graphic, rotated 90 degrees, both in “Fill” mode and “Rotary enabled”.
When leaving image and text on two different layers, the laser (K40 with C3D board) messes up all distances and has a few parts missing, others on top of each other. Messed up two cups trying to figure this out.
When putting text and images on a single layer, the laser works flawless, the engraving looks like it should and like shown in the preview.

  • No, it was not the rotary slipping and it was at very low speeds
  • Yes, the ONLY difference I made was putting everything on a single layer
  • Latest downloadable version, did not test with earlier ones

Known problem?

Please post some pictures of what you are seeing.

‘Has a few parts missing’ sounds like machine noise depending on how they are missing. This is an interesting problem and I’d like to know more.

Will post some pics when back in town. If it was machine noise, I would expect the same to happen independently of one or two layers are being used, but that is not the case. Same everything, did not even restart laser or computer between runs. Only difference is that in one attempt, it fails miserably, in the one layer version, it is perfect.

Here is a picture of what the laser did and the actual file. If I combine both layers, no problem at all and the mess in the picture happens, no matter how I chose to fill (separately, at once etc.) when using two layers.

Jeep_Girl_1.lbrn (53.7 KB)

The difference between the single layer job vs the multi-layer job is that in the single layer job the entire design across the full X-axis is engraved at one time… line-by-line until the whole design is done. In the two layer design one layer is engraved in full, the mug reversed in direction and then started again for the second layer. There’s likely a lot of slipping going on from one layer to the next.

That would be an easy fix :slight_smile: However, the logo in the middle is the second layer, the text above and below the first layer and that one actually gets distorted, the second layer looks fine and if I put both on the same layer, that distortion does not happen. If there was slippage, I would assume that this would impact all layers and would also happen if the same design is being printed as one layer.

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