Rotary help! New issue

My rotary for it to print correctly has to be set to mirror image or it prints the text backwards, it’s never done this before. After it’s finished it starts spinning the cup at high speed left and and starts lasering stuff that is not in the image. It has done this in a few test cups with different images it’s not artifact in the image I checked. Ideas??? Using a omtech 80w red and black

If you swap ends of the rotary in your machine, it will probably correct the mirror issue…

If you have a different ‘origin’ in the device settings this can cause it to change the orientation of the art …

Your question is marked Ruida controller and you apparently have a K40 + cohesion3d? I think it’s a grbl controller … might want to move it to a more applicable section.

Do you have ‘art’ outside your work area in Lightburn?

Do you get any warnings anywhere?


I have an omtech with rudia controller. The real problem is after it’s finished lasering it starts going back and forth really fast so fast in fact it throws the cup off the rotary and starts lasing stuff that isn’t there. This is new it never did that before.

Have you watched the preview of what it’s going to do…?

You may have to slow it down at the end to try and figure out what it’s thinks you want it to do…

On mine, I have a couple of .lbset file (saved configurations) just for image and vector… Depending on what you are doing the rotary axes acceleration rates and/or start speeds can be set.

Check out the preview and see if you can make out what it’s doing.

The Ruida will return to wherever you have it set to return… could it be returning to the user origin or 0, 0 ?


I’ll look in there and see what it says but that’s over my head I’ll post a pic when I get home.

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