Rotary image backwards

Im trying a rolling pin and the image is correct on preview but when i engrave the rolling pin it comes out backwards.

It’s probably the rotary going the wrong direction or the device is setup incorrectly in the device settings.

I’d ensure you have the origin in ‘edit → device settings’ before I’d think hardware (wrong way).

These rotaries come ready to plug in.?

Sorry I can’t tell you where origin is for the atomstack…

Good luck


You can reverse the direction of any (or all) of the three axes in GRBL by clicking Edit - Machine Settings - then clicking the third bar ‘Outputs Set Up’. All three axis directions are in the $2 parameter.

Please heed the dire warning and make note of what you change so you can set it back.

You may want to open the Console window and type $$ then enter.
This dumps the the settings.
Copy and paste the settings into a text file (with today’s date) for future reference.

He will have to change it back when he returns to the ‘table’.?


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