Rotary image issue

Hi all, I’m new to the laser engraving game. I have an OMTech 50 watt laser with Ruida controls. I ran 2 cups on the rotary and they came out good. Then I switched back to the bed to make a couple things. I went to do another cup and when I frame the cup it will only travel about an 1/8" on the y-axis but the x-axis is ok. I set the diameter of the roller using calipers and calibrated the steps per rotation to get 1 revolution on the roller. I’m not sure what the distance numbers mean in the Move window. I’m still learning and watching videos. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Not sure where to start with you here…

Let’s start with how you boot the machine. Do you put the rotary in and boot it? The Ruida will attempt to home on boot (power up). Of is the machine booted when you change the table to the rotary with power on?

be nice to be able to ‘set’ the size of something with the calipers, I only get to measure… lol

I’m confused on a couple of points.

When you use the rotary, do you change any of the Machine Settings and change them back when you return it to table use?

Do you frame it from Lightburn or the machines console?

Does the machine console show any error when it does the 1/8" frame?

The rotary is just taking your Y table and wrapping it around a cylinder. Once the wheel diameter is correct the wheel will move the object the same amount as it would the table. If it moves an inch on the Y table it will move an inch on the rotary…

Make sense?


@jkwilborn I boot the machine and let it go to the top left x=0 y=0. Then I put the rotary in and move the laser to the y axis in the center of the object. I then plug the rotary tool in. I don’t change any settings other than turn the rotary on/off. I frame from LB and there are no errors that come up. The first 2 cups I made did like you said and traveled the correct distance. It makes sense what you had explained. Thank you

What usually ‘bites’ people is that the limits on the Y table still exist on the rotary. It can give you a ‘slop error’ if you don’t move the rotary to the center of the Y axis and press origin. I set ‘start from’ to ‘user origin’

Good luck

Take care


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