Rotary is FAST.....need to slow down

I am trying to dial in my rotary. My Y axis is super fast now. I’m doing stuff that use to take 12 minutes in RD to 4 minutes in LB. With it so fast it’s not getting as deep of a engrave. I am engraving wooden bats. My steps per is 8k, roller dia 24mm, object is 69mm making the circumference 216.77mm. It’s just really fast…but I test a 102 mm square and 8000 steps per seemed to work out right. How do I slow this thing down?

In order to avoid the “obvious” mistake, do you have enable rotary turned on in the appropriate panel in LB? When you enable and disable it, there’s a message displayed that indicates the controller is acknowledging the command.

Yes I have it enabled in the pop up box

Change the speed in the cut settings dialog window.

Wasn’t sure that would fix it, I was running it at the normal speed I’ve always ran bats. It goes slow when I run a frame on the X axis speed is set to 45, but moves faster on the Y

What’s your Y interval value? For engraving, that and speed are the two biggest factors. Speed really only affects the X axis, where interval is the thing that most affects the Y.

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My line interval is 0.082mm, which is what I run 99.9% of my stuff on.