Rotary issue Help please

I have an atomstack pro 20 and my rotaries are .
They were working great, but now they are turning backwards and I don’t know why. Also I would like to find a class for laser engraving. I’m old I’m slow it’s hard to teach dogs new tricks but I want to learn this help please!!!

If you rotate the rotary base half a turn, will the rollers still be turning backwards?

No it doesn’t. If I turn the rotary off and just laser it that way instead of starting at the left it goes all the way to the right to start and then it comes out backwards and inverted I guess you’d say if I look through the glass I can read it if I look at it on the outside the glass it’s all backwards

I meant move the stepper motor end to the other side. But it sounds you have an image reversal issue. Does you Origin setting look like this for the Rotary?

Rotary Origin

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