Rotary issue question

I use the chuck rotary and until today have no issues. Well I made a new project and plugged in my rotary and changed out the wiring harness like always. Computed the diameter and put that in the rotary page and enabled. Sent file and framed. It’s only framing about 2mm in “y” but appears to be doing the “x” the correct size. What am I miss?

I am guessing your origin is set to close to the end of your y rotation. When it happens you don’t get a warning, the rotation is just truncated

I just noticed that if I go to my control panel and move up and down it only goes about a quarter of the circumference

Yes, if you just use your control keys to rotate to get it closer to Center and then set your origin there you should be set. Of course you might need to reposition your item in the chuck

Thanks I will try that

I’m actually having this issue on my roller style rotary as well, only started happening after the update. The job runs fine but it only frames about 20mm in y, and the whole thing in x. Makes alignment kind of a pain. Any fixes?

So I think I found my issue. I too updated but from trial to fully paid and this happen. I looked in the rotary settings and somehow my steps per rotation changed to 360. I looked at my old RDWorks version and that was set at 10,000 so I changed it and now back working correctly

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