Rotary issue with 1.2.01

I have an issue that just popped up after update. When the rotary is not enabled the projects are centered in the work area on both the laser and the software. When I enable the rotary the project needs to be on the 0 axis to get it to frame on the work area on the laser. The Y axis it’s up and down how I’m looking at the laser and when I switch it to the X axis it’s left to right.

I haven’t downgraded yet to see if it goes back to normal but I didn’t have this problem until upgrading.

My laser is a cloudray 50w with a 300x300 work area.

I do see that the centering can be edited in the release notes. I however cant seem to find it.

So I decided to hit start and saw a output center option. I changed the value to 0 and then clicked start. The laser burned to the bottom of the work area. I then changed the value to 150.00 and now it’s centered. I cant remember the value before I changed it but I thought it was 1500.

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