Rotary issue - y axis distortion

I am new to the laser cutting business. I have a Yaro 60 W laser engraver with a Ruida controller. I am using it to cut glass, specifically coatings on glass cylinders, so I am using a rotary attachment. I create my art in Photoshop and bring it in at the specific dimensions required to wrap around the cylinder exactly once. I have set the object diameter in the rotary setup window in Lightburn and it appears on the workspace properly. But when I cut, the length (x axis) is correct, but the image is distorted in the y axis (the diameter) significantly resulting in image overlapping by as much as 3/4 of the circumference.

As an experiment I brought in a graphic that was exactly square at the dimensions of the circumference of the cylinder. The resulting etch was the correct size on the x axis, but grossly distended on the y axis. I am at a loss as to why. Please forgive my newbieness if the answer is easy or obvious. Any help is appreciated.

Have you done the rotary setup and enabled rotary mode?

Tools > Rotary Setup. You’ll need to figure out the ‘Steps per Rotation’ value for your rotary, and trial & error is likely the easiest way.

Read here:

I have done the rotary setup and enabled rotary mode. But the steps per rotation is a mystery to me and I bet that is where the issue is.

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