Rotary Issues related to laser head travel

I am trying to set up my rotary to a Ruida controller using Lightburn.
I have the settings applied and everything is in mm
origin in Lightburn is set to absolute
using a Lightburn camera to set up the graphics on the project
when I hit frame the laser head travels to the right of the machine and hits the gantry and does not want to stop causing a grinding noise until I hit reset on the controller.
I need to know what is causing the head to do this and why it will not frame on the project

The main problem is using the camera with a rotary, I suspect. The camera requires the use of Absolute Coords mode, but when using the rotary, you can’t home the machine, so your machine will think it’s at 10000mm in X and Y. The camera system will be trying to position the Y axis to match where you have the job placed on the table, but the Y axis is now the rotary axis, so that isn’t possible.

Use ‘Current Position’ mode with the rotary.

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