Rotary / Lightburn Problem

I have a 50w Chinese laser (ruida controller) that came with a Rotary attachment. I started playing with it today and came across this very strange issue…
I created 2 designs in lightburn

Both burned as expected on a flat test piece of wood. i then attached the rotary and enabled rotary in lightburn. The first design worked as expected.

The next one is where the problem starts, it wants to burn Reversed and mirrored… (sorry forgot to take a picture) . Nothing has changed…Same setup same settings…minutes apart…any ideas?

Tried again this morning… This is getting very frustrating…
Created a fresh design and it engraved as expected… Just too big DOH!

Saved and closed

Did a completely new design, again that worked…
I then went back to the original file and reduced it to re engrave and it is fecking reversed!!!
Notthing has changed between the file visits… DOes anyone know what the hell is going on?

That’s weird. What version of Lightburn?

I use a Ruida with rotary and never seen anything like that happen.

using the latest version of Lightburn

Refresh my memory… what is the latest version?

Version 0.9.22

ok I can now reproduce this at will, It seems to be the act of saving then opening another project, then reopening the project thats causes it to screw up. 99% convinced it is a software bug and not me :slight_smile:

Link to Video…

Check to see if the origin point moves after you close and reopen.

Origin stays the same… If it changed the image would be visibly mirrored.

It’s weird there aren’t other reports of it. Lots of Ruida users here.
I watched your vid and tried to reproduce it here but it seemed to work fine for me. :shrug:

What OS are you running?

Windows 10

I’ll bump this one up as the issue is driving me nutz…

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