Rotary lightburn setup, trouble Ruida controller

Good morning,

I am a very satisfied user from the lightburn software, but this week I tried the rotary setup. But when I start using it, it is give wrong signals to the motordriver or motor. It makes really strange sounds and when i Switch back to not rotary (physical switch) and disconnecting the cable, it is still doing strange movements and sounds.
The only solution then is lasering a regular square so it is resetting his settings I suppose. Any idea?
Is this a software issue that can be fixed or?
In rdworx I don’t have any issue outside the stretched letters…

Have you set the steps per rotation properly for the rotary? If you haven’t done that, then the rotary may be moving too slowly or too quickly for the motor, either losing steps, or not moving enough. When you switch back to normal mode, you need to make sure to switch the Rotary Enable button back off again as well.

Do you have a ‘generic’ Ruida controller, or one from ThunderLaser? Your profile does not specify which machine you have, and you don’t mention the controller model either - some older ones, like the RDC320, don’t have rotary settings in the firmware, so the setup has to be done manually.

RDC633XG/634xg is the system I suppose, (that is what the displays mount when booting.)

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