Rotary lines help!

Ok I’ve been having a tough time with this Creality pro rotary. It’s been giving me fits from the get go. I’ve done around 650 with 75 percent to 100 percent. I started to engrave a tumbler but as it was printing it was only etching lines and not even all the way down. These are a powder coated plated tumbler. What am I doing wrong

The engraving quality has a lot to do with the type of powder coat. I’ve done a few of these with a white powder coat and they work fine. The laser has to react with the powder coating and because it is a darker color this may be causing the issue. Try using a titanium dioxide spray and this may help. Use Omtech Metal Laser Marking spray or buy the powder and mix your own. The laser doesn’t really mark the metal but reacts with the coating to burn the design into the coating and bond it to the metal.

I usually use 40% power and 600 mm for tumblers on my Atomstack laser