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I am attempting to engrave a logo on an object that has a varying diameter due to slope of the shape. I have seen on other programs, that there are ways to adjust logos to increase or decrease in size on a chosen slant to counteract this. Does anyone have experience with this on LightBurn? I know I could just adjust the size of the end letters on this particular example, but I am needing something more permanent for when I engrave logos.

There isn’t a feature to compensate for this in LightBurn. You would need to re-shape the item so the left side (in the pic) was stretched a bit to compensate for the diameter change. We’ve discussed having an option for this, but no work has been done toward this yet.

Yes In a program I saw someone use before, they shrunk the right side or stretched the left side for compensation. That would be extremely helpful if there was an option for that. Is there any way to get discussion going again to add this feature?

You need something like Photoshop’s Transform feature - bending using splines

It would be awesome to have it all in the same software wouldn’t it. I’m not sure of the program, but a friend of mine who runs an epilog had it built in on his software. This is the very reason I got a laser, so hopefully I can figure something out

That would likely be Illustrator or Corel. Epilog doesn’t have their own design software - they use a print driver interface, so you use other software to send to the laser.

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Raise one end of your rotary to level out the slope.

If it was a consistent slight slope, this would work, but since mines agressive, it comes down to more of a varying diameter than the slope. I wish it would work that way!

I know other people who are interested in the same feature. Is it possible to add this feature? Even at an added cost to those who want it? I don’t want to have to use another program due to the user friendliness of LightBurn and my limited skills haha

It’s something we’ve discussed, as I said before, but it’s not trivial and will take time to add.

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Thank you. Hopefully it comes with time!

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