Rotary not alligned

Hi all, could someone help me. Tried servers setting but when engraving text it not alligned properly

Current settings

I feel this is about speed and acceleration.

I suspect that Y axis acceleration is causing wheel slip - likely between the roller and the engraved object. This could also be mechanical backlash but the belt drive systems in roller rotary tables rarely present backlash symptoms. It may be wise to physically confirm that the set screws or grub screws in the belt drive sprockets or pulleys are tight.

Both Capital Ts in TEST show a difference in vertical line (Y-axis) length in the crossbar, the other vertical lines may also have different line lengths but it’s less obvious because the vertical lines are longer. The X-axis hasn’t changed so the preset accelerations would behave as normal. The gap in the Letter S is on the Y-axis only. The letter S is most thick in its lowest stroke.

After confirming the set screws are tight, It may be a prudent test to cut the Y axis acceleration in half in the Machine Settings. Once in the Machine Settings window, click the tiny > symbol next to Outputs Setup to reveal the hidden menu.

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