Rotary not rotating?

I have a Ruida 6445 controller, and home built rotary. I have it on my Y axis, and I can “jog” the Y and the rotary turns. I did the Rotary Setup, enabled rotary.

When I click “send”, absolutely nothing happens, but I do get a msg at the bottom that the file was successfully sent. I can do a frame, and it frames just fine. I can send the file and save it. When I load the file via the control panel, and hit start, it actually rotates to the start point, then it starts scanning the text, however, no rotation. I feel like I am missing something very fundamental, and can’t put my finger on it. Any suggestions?

Have you enabled rotary mode, and set the ‘Steps per Rotation’ value correctly?

As far as I know I have the steps set correctly. I even exaggerated them trying to get it to rotate. Same thing in RDworks too. And yes, enabled.

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